Techie-Nomad: Reason why I created a blog

My 3rd Blog.

This is my third time creating a blog, hopefully that this will be the last. A little bit history of how I ended up creating my third one.

It started when I was in grade school. I was watching a show called “Convergence” on Net 25. They we’re featuring this kid that makes a lot of money because of blogging. He was only 13 years old that time (I don’t know how old is he now). I was like, “I should start blogging”. After that I also started my own blog site. I was using Blogger back then, posted anything and everything that is happening in my life like, how I started playing an online game, my vacation in our province, etc. I also connected that blog to Google Adsense but got rejected. Sad. As time goes on I cannot post anything on it so I stopped blogging that time. I think it lasted for 3 months.

I created my second blog when I’m in high school and college. Just like the first one, I posted anything and everything happening to my life. Posts like I had a crush on this girl, some emo stuff, finding schools to take up my college degree, my schedule everyday, what I do everyday, etc. The time comes again that I cannot post anything so I stopped blogging again. I also used Blogger that time to make that. It’s called “The Adventures of Renz”.

For my third one, I don’t know. I just woke up telling to my self that I should make a blog about traveling and tech stuff since I do a lot of traveling when I have time and learning techie things from time to time. Got a WebHost and domain and installed WordPress. Poof! I got a new blog. So yeah. Cheers to my third blog called “Techie Nomad”.

From here on I will be posting travel and tech guides, be sure to check that out. Also, I will be posting a little about what is happening to my life. So see yah!

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