A MUST HAVE: Reloadable Credit Card

When I was kid I always thought that having a credit card is not a good thing. Growing up in a family that uses credit card to pay for groceries and shopping, I understand how it works. What are the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts. Yes, having a credit card is okay as long as you can pay for it.

Right now I don’t have a credit card but I have a reloadable credit card. The difference is that you can only use the reloadable credit card if you deposited an amount to it. My reloadable credit card is called PayMaya. This is a 2 in 1 card having a Visa and Beep in one. Use it to pay transactions online or riding a MRT/LRT. There are other cool things when you buy a PayMaya Visa card, like:

• Pay bills
• Buy Loads
• Send Money thru Smart Padala or to another PayMaya account.
• Withdraw cash from ATMs* or thru Smart Padala

*Your card must be upgraded

How to get PayMaya Visa card?

You can get the PayMaya Visa card by buying it online at https://paymaya.com/shop/. Unlike debit cards and credit cards, you can get it instantly – no need to submit application forms or open a bank account. 1 card cost 150 pesos, they offer a bundle of 3 cards for only 395 pesos.

I got my card, what to do now?

Once you got your card. Read the instructions inside of it. It will tell you how to register to PayMaya and add the card to it. Download the official PayMaya app on PlayStore or AppStore. This will show your card transactions and other use of PayMaya.

How to load up the card?

My personal choice is 7-eleven if you want to put money on your card. I think loading up via 7-eleven is the easiest.

1. Go to the Cliqq Kiosk
2. Tap “E-MONEY”, then “PayMaya Cash-In”.
3. Enter your mobile number and the load-up amount (minimum of P100)
4. Get the receipt and pay at the counter.

There are other methods to load your card. Just click the link to know more https://paymaya.com/faq/

What happens when I upgrade?

By upgrading your card you can enjoy more features of PayMaya like;

1. Send money using the app
2. Withdraw from an ATM using the card

To upgrade your card just click the link https://paymaya.com/upgrade/

Note: PayMaya is not selling the the card with beep anymore. Maybe in the future they will release that kind of card again with EMV chip inside.

I enjoy using my PayMaya Visa Card. I use it when paying my online transactions like plane tickets, hotel reservations, food delivery, etc.. It’s also linked to my Paypal account, I can easily transfer my PayPal credits to PayMaya at a low cost. No hassle of going to a bank and applying for a credit/debit card. No falling in line just to deposit cash thru card. Easy to use app. A beep card. And a lot more to come. The only downside of PayMaya is that you cannot delete the card that you added to your account. That being said, I hope PayMaya would do something about it.

I am not affiliated to PayMaya. All information in this page are from my personal experience.


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