Chill Weekend at Baguio – 2 Days 1 Night Itinerary

Last time that I went to Baguio is when I climb Mt. Ulap. It’s just a quick stop for us to have dinner. Since I am joiner that day, I didn’t have time to explore the place.

This time I went to Baguio for a quick weekend, along with my college friends. A perfect time to visit the place because it’s cold season, you can really feel the cold and breeze at Baguio.

How to get there?

From Manila there are buses that go straight to Baguio. Some of these are Victory Liner and Genesis. We choose to ride Victory Liner since it is near to our place. Bus fare is 445 pesos for a regular bus and 750 pesos for a first class bus. Check Victory Liner’s website here to know what are the bus schedules.

Tip: Always book your ticket ahead of time so that you can have a seat inside the bus. Victory Liner now have an online booking system. You can now book your trips online, of course with an added fee.

What to do in Baguio?

Here is the itinerary I made for 2 days and 1 night stay in Baguio.

Baguio Itinerary

We didn’t get the 11:00 PM bus ride since the only available schedule of bus ride that time is 9:30 PM. Just like what I said, book ahead of time or a week before just to make sure you can have your desired schedule and seat.

3:00 AM when we arrived at Baguio and MAAANNN!! It is definitely cold. I am shivering while walking inside the bus terminal.

Tip: Before you leave the terminal, buy your ticket now back to Manila. This will give you assurance that you will have a seat and not going to be a chance passenger.

We headed straight to our hotel and leave our bags there. You can leave your belongings in your hotel, just coordinate with them ahead of time just to make sure. After that we started our trip in Baguio.

Getting around in Baguio

The most common transportation in Baguio, especially when you are a tourist are Taxis. They are scattered all around the place. This is good when you are a group of 4 like us since you are going to share the fare for the Taxi. Base fare is 35 pesos.

But if you are traveling alone and wanted be like a local in Baguio you can always ride a jeep. Jeepney terminals are near Session Road. There are different routes. Jeepneys going to Mines View, to PMA, to La Trinidad, etc. Minimum fare is 8.50 pesos.

Walking. Since most of the visited places at Baguio are near to each other you can walk from here to there. Example, from The Mansion going to Wright Park to Botanical Garden.

Tip: Use your phone’s map to navigate around. It is easy for you to get the place if you know the way.

Mines View Park, Baguio City

The Mansion, Baguio City

Wright Park, Baguio City

Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

Places to Eat

Yes. Food. Here in Baguio there are numerous restaurants and places you can buy food. Here are the places that I recommend.

Good Taste Restaurant


From left to right. Egg soup (big), Fried Rice (good for 6), Buttered Chicken (small), Lechon Kawali. We only spend 600+ pesos for these. I really love this place © Marie Raquid

The good all Good Taste Resto. Definitely my favorite place in Baguio because of the food. I really love eating in this place. The food is cheap and delicious. “Sulit”.

Half serving of Buttered Chicken is good for 4-5 people. And it is only 180 pesos!

New 456 Restaurant

109 pesos Lomi (Small) from New 456 Restaurant. I think this one is good for 2 if you don’t eat that much.

If you want to eat Lomi you should try eating in this place. Huge serving of Lomi that will make your tummy happy. For only 109 pesos a small serving of their Lomi is good for 2. Going to comeback here.

Ketchup Food Community

Just across Wright Park this food compound is home of 5 different restos. We haven’t try the food there since we got there too early, but according to some blogs the food here are cheap and delicious. We will meet next time Ketchup Food Community

SM Baguio

Here there are so many restos and fast food to choose. Jollibee, Chowking, McDonalds, Yellow Cab, etc. You name it they have it.. I guess.

Where to stay?

There are many places to stay in at Baguio. From transient houses to high-end hotels.

We stayed at Marian Kisad Hotel. It is near Burnham Park. A really good location for a hotel since its near the park, the market, and jeepney terminals. We got a room good for 7 pax for only 1200+ pesos, thanks to Traveloka. Original price of the room is 2600 pesos but because Traveloka has a 45% discount promo that time we had a steal. Visit Traveloka’s website to find awesome deals. Click here.

Tip: Book your hotel ahead of time so that you can have a peace of mind when you arrive at Baguio. Some hotels might offer you a good deal when you book early. Prices get high when there is a festival, especially Panagbenga Festival. I recommend you use Traveloka. They have really good deals at hotels and most of the time they give promos and discounts.

Baguio Expenses

Personally a 2 days 1 night stay in Baguio is not enough. A 3 days 2 nights will if you wanted to really explore the place. As you can see in itinerary we didn’t go to Camp John Hay, Tam-awan Village, Diplomat Hotel, and some other tourist spots at Baguio. Maybe next time I will plan a 3 days 2 nights stay in this place.

Side trips:

——————> Mt. Ulap Day Hike <——————

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