Bataan Escapade: Lusong Beach + Five Fingers

When you say Bataan what first comes in to your mind? Dambana ng Kagitingan? Death March?

Do you know that Bataan also boasts wonderful coves and beaches? Yes! Bataan is one of the go to destinations this summer. The hype is real because of the new discovered wonders in the area. Especially in Mariveles, Bataan where they offer the Five Fingers tour. A tour consist of different islands and coves this includes Laki Beach and Lusong Beach.

From Laki Beach to Lusong Beach real quick.

Our original plan is to stay in Laki beach but unfortunately it is not accessible as of the moment. Because it is getting so much attention from social media, the locals and owner of the beach are in dispute on what to do to manage the place. So all the tours from  Laki beach are now rerouted to Lusong beach. Another privately owned place.

Some say Laki beach is still accessible to public but there are times that when you are already in the island the owners will ask you to leave because they will be using the beach. So boatmen does not encourage their guests to go to Laki beach because of this problem instead they will tell you to stay at Lusong beach.

How to get to Lusong Beach and explore Five Fingers?


From Manila. You can ride a bus going to Mariveles, Bataan. There are two companies that offers this route. Choose from Genesis or Bataan Transit. You can find their terminals in Cubao and Pasay. The fare is 280 pesos, one way. For bus schedule of Genesis Transport click here. For bus schedule of Bataan Transit click here.

Bataan Transit bus going to Mariveles, Bataan. Bataan Transit Terminal is located inside Five Star Bus Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City.

Last stop is the bus terminal in Mariveles, Bataan. You will see a 7-11 store across the street and beside there is a line of tricycles. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are going to Port Aplaya or Porto. The tricycle can fit 3-4 pax. Fare is 100 pesos per way. You can use your haggling skills to get a discount.


From Manila you can use Waze or Google Maps to get to the Porto / Port Aplaya 😉


When you arrive at Port Aplaya or Porto. There are many boats that offer tours to Lusong beach. This includes island hopping or the Five Fingers. The tour costs 2500-3000 pesos. In our case we have already contacted a boatman and offer us a tour to Lusong Beach with Five Fingers for only 2500 pesos. The boat can accommodate 8-9 pax.

Getting ready for Five Fingers tour. Porto / Port Aplaya

When all things are settled just ride the boat and start your tour.

What to expect?

3 – 4 hours travel time. It’s not that far from Manila and very accessible.

The tour was okay, though for me I didn’t feel the wow factor of the Five Fingers. Maybe because I am too tired that day since I don’t have enough sleep. Haha. But it’s cool, the rock formations, cliff diving, clear waters and picturesque views. Arriving at Lusong Beach you should not expect to much. 10% of the beach is only accessible to the public. The other 90% of the coast line is privately owned by San Miguel Corp. according to the care takers. You can’t explore the whole area because of that. Just sad.

Rock formations in Nagbinta Cove.
Swim inside a cave. Part of Five Fingers tour.
Rock formations and cliff diving at Talain Cove.
And finally Lusong Beach. See that fence over there? The other side is privately owned.

There are cottages in the area. There is also water (not potable) and a comfort room. Don’t expect to much for the comfort room. Well in the area where we stayed there is one comfort room, I don’t know if its a room. It is built by cut tarpaulins and has many holes. There is no water, you need to ask the care taker that you need water in the comfort room for you to use. If you don’t want to use that CR, you can ask the care taker if you can use their comfort room. It is inside their house. That is in the area were we stayed, I don’t know what the comfort room looks like in the other area since I didn’t have the time to go there. You see the 10% public area of Lusong beach is also divided to 2 management or 2 areas.

There are 2 campsites in Lusong Beach and it is divided by a river. We stayed at the right side campsite. © Czeyzerr V.

There is a sari-sari store in the area. Expect the items here are pricey.

There is also electricity so you can charge your gadgets. Just approach the care takers.

Cellphone signal. Globe / TM is available. Smart / Sun / TnT is intermittent.

The beach was awesome! The water is clear. There are small caves at the side. And some small rock formations. Just be careful at this side of the beach since there are sharp rocks and sea urchins. Better wear your aqua shoes. There is also a small river connecting to the beach.

People gather at night to see the giant bonfire. I am not a fan of bonfire at the beach because it’s not good for the sand.But yeah, it’s fun to watch.

Giant bonfire starts at 10pm. © Czeyzerr V.

For people who are really cautious about there belongings. We haven’t experience any pickpockets or something. But just to be safe never leave your belongings unattended. You can also put all your belongings inside your tent and secure it with a small padlock 🙂

Itinerary & Expenses


Boat Rental – You can contact Kuya Bernie or Ate Badet 09070988502

Tricycle – You can contact Kuya Alejandro 09774498553


  • Start your trip early so that you can have enough time to enjoy the place.
  • Before going to Port Aplaya or Porto, buy your supplies at Mariveles Public Market. It’s just a 10 mins. walk from the bus terminal.
  • There is also a Jollibee near the market.
  • Tell Kuya Alejandro to fetch you the next day since tricycles at Porto is not that much.
  • Before starting your five fingers tour, wear your swimming clothes. There are comfort rooms in Port Aplaya/Porto wear you can change. Just ask Ate Badet 🙂
  • You can also ask your boatman to lend you some kitchen stuff like kaldero, grill, knife and cooler.
  • If you don’t have tent you can rent at Ate Badet for 300 pesos.

Final Thoughts

Since there is no cottage available that time. We choose to get a “papag”. Thank you guys! See you soonest 🙂

I do hope that they can improve the place. You see a 400 peso cottage fee and 100 peso overnight fee is a lot to make the place.. well, more appealing place to stay. Especially the comfort rooms! Overall, it is a wonderful experience. See you on my next trip. Ciao!

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