AUB Easy Mastercard – Getting My First Ever Credit Card

Well the time has come when I, my self need to have my own credit card. If you are reading my past blog posts, I have posted something about me having a re-loadable credit card. If you want to read about that just click here. I am really hesitant on applying a credit card since some of my relatives suffer from credit card debts. Telling stories about overspending, being charge with high interests and the shocking bills that arrive every month. But when I learned about AUB Easy MasterCard my hesitation turned into curiosity.



Why should I get an AUB Easy MasterCard?

  1. Payment Flexibility.
    • Choose how many times to pay per month. It could be;
      • Monthly Payment
      • Semi-Monthly Payment
      • Weekly Payment
    • Choose exactly when to pay.
      • For monthly payment, meaning you only pay once a month, you can choose a due date from 1st to 30th day of the month.
      • For semi-monthly payment, meaning you will pay twice a month, you can choose two due dates from 1st to 30th day of the month. Example 15th and 30th day of the month
      • For weekly payments, meaning you will pay once a week, you can choose any day from Monday to Sunday.
    • Choose exactly how much to pay.
      • Depending on your budget or what you can afford to pay on your chosen date. You can pay for a minimum of 250 pesos for weekly payments and maximum of 3000 pesos for monthly payments.
  2. Annual Membership Fee is WAIVED FOR LIFE.
  3. NO INTERESTS on new purchases.
  5. Rewards & Travel Perks.
    • AUB offers reward points on every transaction you made using your card and since they are also tied up with you can use your points in redeeming airline tickets, accommodations, travel packages and tours.
  6. Cashless Convenience.
    • Since AUB Easy is a Mastercard, you can use it in over 24 million establishments worldwide.
    • AUB Easy Mastercard also offers All-Ur-Bills. By this you can pay your utility bills using your card.
  7. Payment Convenience.
    • Pay at over 5,000 payment centers nationwide.

How to apply for an AUB Easy MasterCard?

To apply for an AUB Easy Mastercard. You have two options, one is you will go to any AUB branches nationwide, fill up the application and complete your requirements, second is application via online. I applied my card thru AUB’s online application. It is super easy as long as you meet and have the necessary requirements.

Processing will take about 10 to 15 banking days. I got my card the 15th banking day. That was fast and convenient. I didn’t need to go to the bank just to get my card, it was delivered at my house.


So what are you waiting for, apply for AUB Easy MasterCard Credit Card. Take control of the things you want to buy without the guilt because you now have control on your credit card bill.

To learn more about AUB Easy MasterCard, go to or call 282-8888

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2 thoughts on “AUB Easy Mastercard – Getting My First Ever Credit Card


    (November 2, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    hello po! kasusubmit ko lang din ng application requirements thru online,.i hope ma approved nila..ask ko lang po kung pwede ba gamitin ulit ung AUB easy mastercard kahit na may na.purchase kpa na hindi mo pa tapos bayaran?


      (November 2, 2018 - 4:49 pm)

      Hi Cristy,

      Yes, pwede pa din as long na hindi mo pa nauubos yung credit limit mo 🙂

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