Cebu Travel Guide: DIY Itinerary For 3 Days 2 Nights

Its been years since I last ride an airplane and I can’t remember what was the feeling of it. So today is just like my first, excited but kind of nervous at the same time. I’m with my travel buddies and going a trip in Cebu.

How to get to Cebu from Manila

At NAIA Terminal 3

You have two options if you want to get to Cebu from Manila. Choose by sea or air travel. We choose the latter.

From NAIA Terminal 3, it just takes an hour by plane before arriving at Mactan International Airport. And from here just hop on a cab to take you to Cebu City proper.

What to do in Cebu

There is no doubt that Cebu is one of the favorite places that travelers around the world go to. There are so many places to visit, food to eat, and activities to do.

Choose where you want to go. North Cebu or South Cebu. Go to North Cebu if you want to visit beautiful and white sand beaches.  Or if you’re an adventurer who is looking for an adrenaline rush try to South Cebu. But if you have plenty of time, why not try both places 😀

In our trip we choose to go to North Cebu to experience the white sand beaches there.

Day 0

Okay, so we departed from Manila around 11:50 PM and we arrived at Cebu around 1:50 AM. We ride a cab to our hotel and tried to check-in early, sadly there are no available rooms at that time so we opted to leave our bags in the hotel’s storage area.

For our hotel we checked-in at Pacific Pensionne. Original price of the room was 2700 pesos good for 3 pax, but because of Metrodeal we got the room for only 1350 pesos. Less 50% of the original price. The hotel is at the Fuente Osmeña Circle, a good area to stay in because it is near from big establishments. The room for 3 pax is spacious, it has an aircon, a shower with heater, and it has a cable TV. If you wanted to get a 50% discount at Pacific Pensionne just click here.

Off to Bantayan! We did bring our wallets, towels and some other important stuff along with us.

Day 1

From the hotel we hailed a cab going to North Cebu Bus Terminal where buses bound to Hagnaya port are located. We arrived at North Cebu Bus Terminal and looked for a bus with a signage of “Hagnaya Port”. If you can’t find one there are bus conductors around the terminal you can ask them where are these buses located. The fare is 140 pesos, one way. It’s still early and the wind is too cold that morning so we chose to ride a non-air conditioned bus to feel that morning breeze and also to lessen our expenses.

When we arrived at Hagnaya Port, we head straight towards the ticket booth to pay the ferry fare going to Sta. Fe port. Sta. Fe is the entry point going to Bantayan. Arriving at Sta. Fe port we were swarmed by tricycle drivers who offer tours but we just ignored them and went to the tourism office. If you are a tourist you should always find the tourism office around the area so that they can orient you about the place. At the tourism office we wrote our names on their log book. After that there is a tricycle terminal outside the office. From here, it will really depends on what is your itinerary.

We then ride a tricycle. Our plan is to go to Kota Beach Resort (this is the resort where they shoot the famous film Camp Sawi) and from there rent a bike to explore the island. But the tricycle driver offered us a discount for the bike rental since they also offered bike and motor rental here at Bantayan. He offered us a 130 pesos per day bike rental since they also have a motor and bike rental here at Bantayan. Instead of the regular 150 per day bike rental we got it for only 130 pesos per day. After we got our bikes, we then head off to Kota Beach Resort.

This is where we rent our bike

TIP: Use your phone’s maps so that you know where are you going.

Camp Sawi No More ?

Just like what I said a while ago, our plan is to go to Kota Beach Resort for a day tour. We arrived at Kota Beach resort and as I saw they are renovating the whole place. The guard approached us and asked what if we had a reservation. We said no and we just doing a day tour. In our dismay the guard told us that the resort are not accepting walk-ins anymore, that you need to have an online reservation to explore the resort. The guard also said that the resort removed the “Camp Sawi” signage as per the management’s advise. So if you are going to Kota Beach Resort make sure to contact first the resort before proceeding.

Sand at Kota Beach

As that being said we chose to have a day tour at Budyong Beach Resort, this is just beside Kota Beach. I can’t remember how much we paid for a day. After that we continued our bike tour, and headed to Ogtong Cave. We we’re surprised that the cave it self is inside the Ogtong Cave Resort and you need to pay for the entrance fee to go to the cave. Since we are on a tight budget we’ve skip the cave and roam around the area with our bike.

By then we found another place where camp sawi shooted. Here you can do cliff diving, swimming, and photo ops. We have no idea what the place is called. We didn’t have time to asked since we are too busy swimming and jumping off the cliffs. After this, we get our bikes and decided to go to the Mangrove Garden, sadly we are so tired on our way there and choose to go back to Budyong Beach Resort and just swim and relax.

By afternoon we decided to get back to Cebu City. To go back to Cebu from Bantayan Island, just ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you will be going to Sta. Fe port. Buy your ticket for the ferry. When you reach Hagnaya Port, there are buses that goes back to Cebu.

Day 2

Our day 2 is dedicated for Downtown Cebu walking tour. To start the tour, ride a cab going to Fort San Pedro. As you can see on the map below, all tourist spots are just near to each other. If you wanted to see a detailed view of the map, just click here.

Cebu Walking Tour Map
Fort San Pedro
Magellan’s Cross


Basilica Del Santo Niño
Shamrock Pasalubong Center


Casa Gorordo

Casa Gorordo is the last stop for the tour. After that we went to Cebu IT Park to eat lunch. And then late afternoon we headed to Landers Superstore Cebu.

TIP: Always look at your belongings when doing the walking tour. According to the locals there are series of pickpocketing at Carbon area.

Day 3

Okay. For our last day at Cebu, the plan is to go to Temple of Leah, Tops, Taoist Temple, and Sirao Garden. Sadly we over slept and woke up late and decided to go to Taboan Public Market to buy pasalubongs. You can buy Cebu’s famous “Dangit” and dried mangoes here for a cheap price. From our hotel we ride a cab going to the market.

Danggit at Taboan Market

After that, we get back to the hotel to freshen up and to check out. We went to SM Seaside City Cebu to kill some time before going to the airport and ride a plane back to Manila.

Itinerary + Budget


That sums up our trip to Cebu City. It really took some time before I posted a blog about it. I am having writer’s block when writing this.



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