Mt. Ulap Hiking Guide – DIY Day Hike (Reverse Traverse)

Its been a year since my last hike. As far as I remember that was last year January 2018 at Mt. Balagbag. I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t updated the blog after that post.

Mt. Ulap

At a height of 1846 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) and difficulty of 3/9, Mt. Ulap is one of the go to hiking destination up North for both experience and beginner hikers. The trail is 8 KM long with both ascents and descents and can be completed from 4-6 hours for an average hiker. It features grasslands, pine ridges, burial caves and breath taking views of Cordilleras. Since Mt. Ulap reside at Cordillera area expect cool climate.

It’s my second time hiking at Mt. Ulap. My first time was in 2016 . I saw new things during the hike, like stairs at Mt. Ulap summit, banners indicating “I survived Mt. Ulap”, and portalets at Gungal Rock area. Even tho it is my second time hiking there, I am still excited maybe because I’m with Nicole and my friends from high school and also because its mountain climbing!!!

How to get to Mt. Ulap?


If you are planning to hike Mt. Ulap on a weekend schedule be sure to have a reservation first. You can fill up this form. After filling up and submitting the form, wait for the confirmation of Ampucao LGU via text.

If you are hiking on a weekday schedule you can walk-in straight to Ampucao Barangay Hall.

OPTION 1: Commute

1. From Manila, ride a bus going to Baguio City. Regular Bus fare is 485 pesos. If you want a more comfortable and fast way of traveling to Baguio you can choose to ride a Deluxe or First Class buses. To know the bus terminals and fees just click here.
Note: Always book ahead before you travel specially during weekends and holidays

2. When you reached Baguio, hail a cab and ask the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Magsaysay or “Sa terminal ng Jeep papuntang Ampucao“. Fare will depends on the traffic at Baguio. Don’t worry because the drivers in Baguio are kind and honest.

3. Once you’re in Jollibee Magsaysay, hail a jeep going to Ampucao. Tell the driver that you are going to hike at Mt. Ulap and you wanted to be drop at the registration area which is the Ampucao Barangay Hall.

4. Pay the registration fee and secure a guide

OPTION 2: DIY Private Tour

For this option, you can rent a van with driver that will go directly to Ampucao. This is a good option specially when you are a big group. This is what we chose since we are a group of 10. Once you get to Ampucao barangay hall, pay the registration fee and secure a guide.

If you want to rent a van with driver, you can contact
Ms. Eryl Gozon – 0916-523-5753 / 0927-333-1445 / 0906-332-7338
They also have a van with videoke and Wi-Fi if you want to have a wonderful experience during your trip.

OPTION 3: Joiner Tour

This option is good for those solo travelers or a small group. Joiner tours are basically tours that has an organizer. You will be joining with other traveler/guest. You don’t need to think about the registration and securing a guide since the organizer will be the one that is going to that for you.

The first time that I went to Mt. Ulap, I joined a tour care of Big Foot Trekker. They also have other tours like Mt. Pulag, Buscalan, and many more. Here is there Facebook page.

Mt. Ulap – Reverse Traverse

The usual route of Mt. Ulap hike is you start at Ampucao jump-off going to the Sta. Fe the endpoint. For us, we’ve done the reverse which is we started our hike at Sta. Fe going to Ampucao for our end point. Since this is not the usual climb in Mt. Ulap, we are the only group along the trail that day. We came across other hikers on the way when we reach the Mt. Ulap peak. The good thing about the reverse climb is that you first experience the hardest part of the trail and then have a chill descent near the endpoint.

Any side trips?

Since Mt. Ulap is just an hour drive to Baguio, you can have a Baguio side trip. For us doing a day hike, we went to Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad for our side trip. They have comfort rooms at Strawberry Farm that you can use to wash up after hiking at Mt. Ulap. There are many stall that you can buy pasalubong and carinderias where you can eat

Check out my DIY Baguio Itinerary here.

A store called Ministop near Mt. Ulap peak.
Mt. Ulap peak.
An area at Gungal Peak
Strawberry Farm
Pasalubong Stalls at Strawberry Farm

That’s about it. I’m happy because I am able to share this hiking experience to my friends and Nicole. See you on my next trip. Ciao!

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